The patented Orbit Technology Scouting solution offers a new angle and an innovative approach to facilitate the evaluation process. Its unique set of highly productive tools and features leads you through the whole process:

1. Scout and find relevant patents:-

With more than 40 years of experience analysing and serving the needs of expert patent searchers, Orbit’s legendary search engine is the ultimate solution to find the needle in a haystack. Recently enriched with semantic & similarity algorithms, the combination of Orbit’s search engine with the special indexing of the unique global invention-based FamPat patent family database provides unmatched power and precision.

The built-in award-winner similarity algorithm automatically ranks search results by descending order of relevance.

2. Rapidly spot and understand relevant inventions:-

Finding and understanding pertinent inventions is as tricky as it is time consuming. Orbit’s high value-added Computer Assisted Reading features help make this laborious task very productive. Scanning high numbers of patents to focus on the best ones and prune others has never been so efficient. In the long list of such productivity features, some are particularly popular : KWIC (Key Words In Context), Key Content (Object, Advantages & Drawbacks, Independent Claims), Normalized Key Technical Concepts, high resolution image clusters in mosaic, Dynamic highlighting navigation, Normalized Legal Status timeline, Interactive Family Graph, etc.

3. Segment inventions by scouting opportunity likelihood:

A 3-level segmentation of all identified inventions is presented, from most likely scouting opportunities, through likely scouting opportunities, to possible opportunities.

4. Benchmark selected inventions on 11 relevant metrics:

In a matter of just a few minutes, Orbit Technology Scouting calculates the following set of 11 metrics which would take days, if not weeks to calculate and compile with conventional tools : Age, Validated, Forward cites, Cites/year, Self cites, Predator, Radicalness, Originality, Generality, Independent claim length, Inventor count. Most metrics have been vetted and published by OECD.

A matrix view of all inventions is also provided, showing their respective score for each metric, allowing a direct comparison between patents.

A final selection of the best patents is then offered for a deep more traditional review by the technical experts.

Orbit’s Technology Scouting solution provides a unique gateway to fast, efficient and measurable evaluation of scouting opportunities. The segmentation of inventions by opportunity likelihood provides unmatched productivity gains and facilitates the comparison between inventions before they are carefully reviewed by technical experts.