Questel Orbit

Web based professional patent search software integrating Questel’s unique global patent family database with powerful search and review tools.
Access is available for a fixed annual fee based on the number of users.

You are an IP Researcher, Product Developer, IP Director, Legal Director or Legal Representative

Find relevant patents

Orbit IP Search offers the power of Questel’s legendary search engine to search efficiently the largest high value added database collection in the industry;

  • The largest and most refined set of search options such as prefix, midfix, suffix, proximities, Booleans, and any more
  • Consistent and sharp results count
  • Bibliographic patent collections from 100+ authorities
  • Full text collections from 20+ authorities
  • Exclusive invention based family structure: Search across all members as a single record
  • High quality English language translations: Search across all languages from a single search screen
  • Key content:
    • Object
    • Advantages and prior art drawbacks
    • Independent claims
  • Normalized assignee names
  • Enhanced and normalized legal status
  • Normalized technical concepts
  • Daily updatesfrom major patenting authorities
    • All major classification systems: IPC, CPC, F-Terms, FI-Terms, USPCL
    • Industry leading similarity search
Questel orbit search