questel ip business intelligence

New Orbit release scheduled on May 2

New evaluation module: Business Case Assessment

The Business Case Assessment module is designed to help you evaluate research and development projects by providing key visualizations in relation to the following topics:

Environment assessment
Previous investment, key players, key technologies, key locations

Key inventors, key academics, key inventions
Overview of players capable of presenting an IP risk

Contact your sales representative for access to this new module.

Example of one of the many visualizations that are available:
The key inventors visualization help you identify thought leaders in the industry by displaying inventors by invention and citation count.

Latest assignee

This new assignee field takes the assignee information from only the latest “reliable” publication of the patent family, as opposed to combining all assignee information from each publication.
The result is a clear indication of who the current owner is.
Analysis users will notice a reduction in the number of machine translated assignee names, particularly for patent families containing Asian members.
The new field will be integrated throughout the analysis module and you will also see the “latest assignee” flagged with an asterisk in the hit list.
Please send us any feedback you have on this new field.

New corporate tree

The corporate tree engine and logics were updated for better results.
It is now based on improved normalized data therefore returning more accurate subsidiaries.
It can be found both in the assignee section of the advanced search page and in the assignee search page.

Integration of licensing data

All users will be able to filter results sets and run analyses based on the presence of licensed patents. There will also be an additional subscription service offering access to full details of licensing deals.

Filter Option

Analysis option:

Icons identify the patent numbers cited in the licensing agreement:

Click the icon shown above to see the full licensing information page. Full license information page (additional subscription required):

New change chart type control – A new control allows you to change chart type directly from the chart view.

New icons Many of the Orbit icons have been updated.