Orbit Intelligence – Leveraging Pharma IP Decisions

On Apr 7, 2017 at 3:00 PM Online

Orbit Intelligence is comprehensive tool to leverage Strategic Decisions right from Innovation Capture, automate Similar IP finding at R&D level, worldwide patent Search & Alerts, collaboratively work with R&D, Quality Guided Consulting that you can do yourself. Orbit Intelligence helps in comprehensively understand gaps for business development and perform Legal Risk Assessment explore Merger & Acquisition targets and strengthen the product portfolio. Orbit Intelligence make sure user get complete IP information & increased scope and avoid failure to miss document in crucial IP projects.

With Indian pharma companies broadening their market & FDI we observed increased M&A activities in recent times and various strategic decisions may have used Orbit Intelligence. The question comes to IP analyst is How and What’s driving these strategic decisions.

IP analyst frequently ask themselves the challenge to increase Productivity and Quality of research they do? Can the repetitive and screening be automated to quickly point to desired direction? With use of Questel Orbit Intelligence tools Pharmaceutical companies can understand: –

  • Finding out Gaps in Global Generics and Brand Markets.
  • Competitor Product Developments, strategize based on development.
  • And create Tactical plan with Strategic R&D investments.
  • How to build strategic patent portfolio?
  • What are New Innovations in my Technology?
  • Does New Business Idea Worth Investment?
  • Does my current R&D strategy have potential Legal Risks?
  • What are gaps in my current Portfolio if Exist, how can I fill them by M&A activities?
  • How to Find Potential White Spaces and innovate over them?
  • Country Specific Strategy and how we can exploit Opportunities well in advance?
  • How can we draft Patent application well with potential broadest coverage?
  • Design my Generics launch strategy based on Patents Expirations and countries.
  • Categorize patents under a Minute e.g. formulation, process, dosage etc.

Indian IP analysts think that they are still carrying out only screening of Literature, its time to go bold and use futuristic technologies and use advanced analytics. We all like getting Bird-eye-view of Brands position & Innovators Technology and Orbit Pharma Intelligence is there to help you in this task with several one click tools.

Find out how to Unlock untouched opportunities in pharmaceuticals. Let’s discuss challenges of Next Generation IP. Together we will discuss how to get comprehensive overview of the pharmaceutical competitive landscape and how to implement strategies and highlight how to best leverage on the Quality IP information.

Date : 7th April 2017

Time: 03.00 PM Indian Standard Time (IST)

Duration : 60 Mins